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We may all look the same but let me give you 10 reasons why we are better...


No 1.
Production Precision

  • All high-tension metal tubes used to produce each columns are cold drawn three times to ensure consistent width and thickness.
  • The tubes are then cut and processed with a 3D laser cutting machine which minimizes production tolerance which can be hard to control with traditional manufacturing processes.

No 2.
Dual-Motor System

Common sit-stand desk motor systems:

  1. Single motor system
  2. Dual motor system using motors that were originally designed to power car windows

Our team spent 1 year designing a motor that's tailored for sit-stand desks. Not only can they withstand heavy loading, they are fast and quiet.


No 3.
Even Powder Coating

Even powder coating allows us to control tolerance which ultimately brings forth smooth adjustments and stable structure (even at its highest height).



No 4.
Telescopic Frame 

No 5.
Easy to Install

No 6.
Universal Voltage

No 7.
Heavy Weight Capacity

No 8.
40mm/sec Speed

No 9.



No. 10
It's Simply Amazing

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